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Hey there, Daniel McAndrew here. Why not shoot me an email or give me a call?

I've worked with some top Aussie brands over the past eight years including some of my own running high spend and profitable PPC campaigns in the FMCG and ecommerce space. Essentially, I'm an expert Digital Marketer climbing fresh out of the high spend PPC trenches on a humble mission to help small business master social media. 

​Email: [email protected]

+61 1300 092 987​

Brands I've helped

48hr Rapid Detox

SKN Complex

Skinny Tan

Nude By Nature

The Detox Tea Company

Naked Tan

Learning from the best and implementing high spend PPC campaigns for over 8 years


Facebook Pay Per Click

Build and manage profitable Facebook campaigns using a strategy to suit your business

Social Media Management

Allow me to create content and grow your twitter and Instagram accounts with heaps of engagement

Marketing Sales Funnels

Full service marketing funnels from pay per click ads to landing pages and email campaigns fully delivered

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