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“Dan helped develop and grow SKN Complex to a list of 100k Australian female consumers in two short years and consistently made us more than 10x the ad spend in sales resulting in over $3 Million revenue in that time.”

Vicki Law, Founder SKN Complex

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We are in the calm before the storm.

The digital landscape is changing quickly and massively. Nobody really knows what it’s going to look like in the next 5 years. Ad costs are going up.

The market is maturing and the barrier of entry is rising once again.

60% of Australian companies continue to fail in the first year of doing business despite all the of solutions existing in the marketplace if only they could find them.

Confusion, overwhelming information, the same undelivered promises over and over. It’s a minefield.

You need a solution, you need campaigns now that work for you.

The cost of jumping from one agency to another chasing the same promised results but never delivering—is crippling.

There’s a massive need in the marketplace right now for better experts delivering results at cheaper prices. And the stakes couldn’t be higher.

If you’re sick of excuses rather than getting results then read on.

We Can Turn $1 into $5

Quality Targeted Traffic

We start by sending you hyper targeted paid traffic to your bespoke sales funnel for testing and optimising while at the same time starting your organic search campaign.

High Converting Landing Page

Your traffic is converted into a lead by offering a great peice of content for free

Opening Offer

We pick the low hanging fruit for you from customers who are ready to buy right now


Different retargeting campaigns are used at every stage of the funnel to draw people back in who have dropped out and are no longer engaging.


We take your leads through an automation sequence using, email, text and Facebook messenger


We gently persuade your leads over time to convert into sales when they are in a position to do so with a dynamite offer

Taught By The Best

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We have a reputation for turning our own marketing dollars into bankable cash

Business doesn’t need to be hard—allow us to build you an automated sales funnel that will be like your very own cash machine where you put money in and get double, triple, quadruple and even more—out!

We’re a small group of talented marketers from all corners of the globe climbing fresh out of the high spend Pay Per Click trenches on a humble mission to help small businesses grow with digital marketing strategies.

Strategies we’ve adopted, innovated and mastered over the 10 years we’ve been building digital sales funnels selling our own stuff and spending our own money—and to great success.

This is where we started, practiced, failed, succeeded and forged the skills that have made us the marketers we are today.

In the thick of the trenches battling in the most competitive take-no-prisoner industries with high spend PPC campaigns, completely cutthroat. And we love it!

Vicki Profile

Dan and the team at Mad Marketing helped develop and grow SKN Complex to a list of 100k Australian female consumers in two short years and consistently made us more than 5x the ad spend in sales.

Vicki Law, Founder SKN Complex

Free bespoke Marketing STRATEGY Valued at $1000

What is our Strategy Session?

When we start working with a new business it’s essential that we understand your business and deliver a plan based on all our experience based on the our full bank of strategies at our disposal.

We need to get inside the head of your perfect customer, how they think, where they hang out, how much they earn. We need to know some basics about where your business is currently at, what digital assets you have and narrow down on all the low hanging fruit, the easy wins.

Then we spy on all your biggest competitors and figure out what they are doing right and wrong and a adopt the good things and discard the bad.

We pull all of this together in a fully customised Strategic Digital Marketing Blueprint to massively grow your business over the course of the next 3 months and we deliver it to you.

Don’t worry this is not a sales call and you will be under no pressure, there’s no time for that and it’s not how we like to operate, we deliver the document to you and take you through it step by step over the 30min—all for free.

This takes a lot of time and highly strategic thought from some great experts. This is normally built into the cost of the campaign and when we work it out it comes to over $1000.

From Zero Sales To Mega Growth

This easy to follow step-by-step guide lays out the secrets all the top agencies and online stores are currently using right now to turbocharge sales. Sign up below now and we'll send this growth guide direct to your inbox.

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Take Our Free 30min Strategic Marketing Plan And Run!

We'd love nothing better than for you to take our plan and implement it yourself and get great results—in fact we'd love to hear from you if you decide to do that. 

But please, this takes a lot of our resources and we only want to do this for serious business owners who have the right mind set and investment for massive growth over the next 3 months.

This plan will be a solid path to growth if implemented correctly.

Let's do this!