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7 Key Differences: Facebook Profile vs Page which should you use?

I often have a conversation with people who don’t think Facebook is right for them after all bankers and traders don’t go on Facebook, do they? Well actually you’d be very surprised, they’re just human like the rest of us with family and friends.

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With highly targeted ads you can find just about anybody no matter how niche your industry is. Facebook is perfect for your business because everybody is on Facebook including your audience.

First, if you’re brand new to Facebook advertising it’s important to get a grasp of the differences between a profile and a page. I’ll keep this brief.

You will be familiar with a profile. This is what everybody uses when you first sign up to Facebook. For the most part, this is what you interact with amongst family and friends.

Now if you’re anything like me you’ll also enjoy interacting with businesses and cool new products or friends who have a business on Facebook. Businesses use a page, not a profile and there are a few key differences:

  1. You can only have one profile per person under the Facebook terms of service and I suggest you never break this rule.
  2. You can have as many pages as you like per person if you have multiple businesses or ideas.
  3. You can assign other people to manage your business pages and outsource the management to somebody else.
  4. Your personal profile can have friends and your business page has liked.
  5. With your personal profile, you can only have a maximum of 5000 friends but you can have unlimited likes for your business page.
  6. With a business page, you can run ads and promote your products and services.
  7. Last and certainly not least is access to your audience insights on your business page.

This is really important. From a page, you can really get to know what type of people are interacting with your page and you can use that information to target more content specifically at them for more engagement and run targeted ads on that type of audience.

So which should you use?

This is simple. It doesn’t matter how small you think your business or industry niche is starting a page. Even if you don’t even think it’s a business and you simply enjoy writing about something and sharing things about a certain topic start a page and invite all your friends to like it.

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Don’t be put off by having to design a professional profile picture and cover photo, you can do it yourself even if you’re creatively challenged like I am. I’ve broken down how you can design your own facebook profile and cover to help you along.

There’s nothing stopping you sharing your posts on your personal profile as well to make sure you reach everybody. It doesn’t cost you anything and you never know where it might lead. You might get the marketing bug and start growing your page.

Then with a few simple techniques you can learn how to build a list from your audience and before you know it you have a small business, done!

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