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Why Your Facebook Page Username Matters And How To Choose A Good One

This is where you can change your page username https://www.Facebook.com/username

Or if you’re using Facebook business manager you can navigate to your page using the business manager and as you’ll see there’s a little option below your page name to change your username. If you don’t see this it maybe that you aren’t yet able to.

Sometimes you need over 25 fans first although I’ve started pages with zero fans before and had the ability to change the username.

You can only do this once to be careful.

The main reason usernames are useful is because it gives you a vanity URL which looks much better on banners, in print and generally anywhere you share the full page URL.

Ours is @MadMarketingDigtial

So what are good usernames and how do you pick a good one?

We’ve simply used our page name. Most people simply do that. By adding a keyword, it opens up possibilities for people landing on your page from a search. Adding “digital” to our page name and username gives a great keyword phrase, although not a direct match it gives us “Digital Marketing” and should appear quite nicely in the search.

So you can think a little bit about Facebook SEO here. You might have the word “Salon” somewhere.

However, there’s also a good argument for sticking with the same username, generally, your brand name across all social channels if you’re looking at the bigger picture or playing the long game.

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