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Writing the Best Facebook About Section Optimised for Growth

You’ll find the about section under profile picture on the far left-hand side directly under the Home tab. The about sections shows up differently depending on what category you chose when setting up your page so this is very important.

For example, as well having Page Info and Milestones you can have an extra part called Overview for local businesses that have a map with your location and displays your opening and closing times. It’s actually very useful to it’s a good idea to get this right from the start.

In the page Info, you can fill out all that information to give your clients or customers some good insight into what you’re about. It’s important to note that while filling this information out bear in mind that this is indexed by Google so you should be using keywords associated with your industry.

The most important part is a strong short description because this appears in the overview section as well as the Page Info section and can be picked up by search engines. The trick here is to make it read like an ad.

So if you’re running an offer, and you should be, include that here with a link to a website page where your fans can sign up to your email list or book an appointment.

To save time we always ways keep the same long description as the short description and just expand slightly on the long description.

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