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4 Key Facebook Customer Service Tips: How You Generate More Engagement

This is the kicker because this can be a massive time drain and become very hard to manage. It is one area where outsourcing is very tempting but if you’re determined to take this on and enjoy the experience here’s a few tips.

Tip 1: Alerts

If you and your staff are constantly busy thinking about 10 different things at once (and let’s face it who isn’t these days?) it makes heaps of sense to set up some alerts so even while you’re doing other things you can be alerted that somebody has commented on Facebook.

This way when you’ve finished in a meeting or on whatever you were doing you can quickly respond to make sure you keep your customers happy.

Let’s be honest your customers want the response rate they get when calling on the phone but with the convenience of sending a message without speaking to somebody. We typically try and reply within the hour with all our clients.

You can manage this very easily from your Facebook notifications in your settings in the top right corner of the page.

We recommend setting up text alerts by adding your phone number.

Tip 2: Know your complaints

In fact, have all the popular complaints written down in a google doc file or similar and share it with all your staff who comment on Facebook. This is not only great for remembering how to answer popular questions or complaints but it also keeps brand consistency at the forefront because everybody is getting the same answers.

Tip 3: Consistent brand voice

Before taking on any clients we like to spend a fair amount of time discussing and recording a detailed brand voice that best suits the personality of the business. It’s important to do this because your customers will build a relationship with your brand and come to expect you to behave in a certain way.

This is massively beneficial because it builds trust with your brand and encourages more people to comment, not complain but engage and comment on your posts. It’s a confidence thing.

So in your business having a consistent brand voice written down and again in a shareable place like a google doc helps different people in your organisation maintain that important brand consistency.

Tip 4: Handling huge volume messages

When you start becoming a Facebook pro and your results are going through the roof you will start to get inundated with comments and even some complaints, but that’s a good thing!

If you still want to continue managing that yourself that’s fine but if your time is limited it’s actually well worth hiring somebody just to focus on that aspect.

An even better solution though and one we love is to engage your raving fans and get to know some of them.

Facebook make this a real option because once you know the person and trust them you can give them access to your page to answer customer service questions. You can give them whatever role you feel happy with. Facebook explain their roles very well here https://www.Facebook.com/help/323502271070625/

This is actually a very clever solution because if rather than hiring one person full time you give half a dozen of your raving fans access to respond to comments they will help spread the word in their daily lives about your business and help grow it even further.

It’s no different than hiring virtual assistants, only better because they already love your brand. I’d even offer a small wage to keep them consistent.

If you wanted somebody to manage this process for you, we’d be more than happy to help.

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