Email MArketing Powering Facebook Results

Why Email Marketing Powers Your Facebook Results

Imagine this, you’ve been growing a Facebook page and getting some good engagement and your fans have started to grow, you’re excited right? This is what spurs us on and dare I say can make Facebook marketing slightly addictive.

Maybe you’re even running some ads to help boost your results but you’re getting frustrated because at the end of the day you need to be making solid revenue. Being social and popular is one thing but to have a business you need to turn that into money.

This is where email marketing comes in. Yes, you can drive people to your website directly from Facebook and hope that they buy straight away but chances are they won’t. People who are interested in your brand need capturing on your list so you can start email marketing to them and they can buy when they are ready.

I do have a quick start guide to email marketing if you wanted to check that out.

Segmentation Is Much More Powerful With Email Marketing

This works because all your email prospects are at different stages in their buying decisions.

Some people are ready to buy right now and that’s great. Some people won’t be sure or maybe don’t have the money right now. And then some people just really aren’t interested, they might be later but at the moment they barely give you a second thought.

It’s one thing having all these people in Facebook but to really understand who they are and target specific messages to the right people depending on how close they are to buying, you really need them on your list.

By using intelligent email marketing sequences you can do this far more effectively than simply posting to Facebook. The reason for this is because despite how good facebook’s targeting is they don’t know your business and you need very specific targeting to reach people and message them in your marketing funnel. Only email marketing can do this at the moment. And you don’t’ have to pay to reach your own list.

You Own Your List

There are many other benefits to building a good list. Not least it’s something you own and can market to whenever you like. Who knows what Facebook are going to do in the future. Your organic reach is already dropping like a lead balloon. With email marketing, you control everything and can reach your whole list very cheaply indeed. The cost of using your preferred email marketing provider basically.

Facebook is a great way of building your audience through content and advertising and also interacting with them in real time but to take people through the buying process you need them on an email list.

I do go into far more detail about email marketing in my quick start guide so if you wanted to check that out feel free.

PRO TIP: Facebook gives you the ability to upload your email list into Facebook. This can be very powerful. Facebook call this a Custom Audience. You can also create other Custom Audiences based on website visits. But you don’t want to simply market to your email list with ads although you can.

You can create what’s called lookalike audiences from your email list and facebook creates a new list of people who match your current email list. Then you can run ads to those people. The most effective way to use this method that works really well is to upload your customer email list and create lookalike audiences from those people.

There’s also a flip side that’s well worth getting into.

How can facebook enhance your email marketing efforts?

Zachary Reiss-Davis @ZacharyRD breaks this next bit down really well in an article on the Salesforce blog here and I’ll do a quick summary.

They found with one of their retail clients that surprisingly enough inactive subscribers were even more likely to respond to ads than active ones. For every $1 spent on facebook ads they made $13 back by segmenting their inactive subscribers and re-engaging with them via Facebook ads.

If you have enough inactive subscribers there’s a neat little trick right there.

Test Your Email Creative

This can be very powerful especially when you have a big email campaign and you don’t want to waste possible sales by testing to your own list. So here you would run ads on facebook and test the engagement and click through rate of headlines and subheadlines before setting your email campaign live.

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