Facebook Content Posting Guide

Ultimate Facebook Content And Posting Guide

After you’ve got a very good understanding of who your ideal customers are, you’re almost set. First, you need to decide what types of posts you’re going to include.

I like to list out and brainstorm some ideas with a friend or colleague about all the different regular posts we can do.

Things like “Super Tip Tuesday” and “Quote of The Day”

List out as many as you can think of and get creative. These will be regular content your fans will start to expect and enjoy. That means it’s important to stay consistent. If content is king consistency is queen!

Here are 5 of the most engaging post types on Facebook

Infographics — These are highly shareable, one of the most shared post types

Videos — Think about short videos preferably with subtitles (a lot of people watch the videos at work so subtitles get more views). Things like behind the scenes, funny videos, thank you videos and testimonials. You can also share other videos you come across that you like.

Questions — asking thoughtful questions are the great way to elicit comments to your posts so these are an important part of the mix to keep your engagement up.

Quotes & Memes — still one of the most popular post types. Mainly because they are so easy to create and very popular at the same time. They are being slightly overused at the moment so you need to pick some good ones relevant to your industry.

Puzzles — These are amazing! Easily my personal favourite. I always stop to do a puzzle if I see them on Facebook. I normally post a comment after I solve it as well. I’m not the only one. For a certain type of person, these are a winner so it’s good to feed some of them into the mix to appeal to more personality types.

Now you should have some good ideas about the types of posts you want to do.

The next step is to look at some real examples of popular posts that are currently doing well and getting shares and likes in your industry. There are a couple of neat tricks to do this quickly.

Trick #1

Use Facebook’s Top Posts from Pages You Watch

  1. Click on the Insights tab on at the top of the page
  2. Click on the Posts tab on the left of the page
  3. Click on the Top Posts from Pages You Watch tab
  4. The first time you do this you have to add at least 5 pages before it shows any results. So you need to find 5 good pages in your industry you want to watch.

A good tip to find the 5 good pages to watch is a simple google search with the following: [your keyword] Facebook pages

So for example in the skin care niche I used:

Skincare Facebook pages

Anti-aging Facebook pages

The advantage of using google is their results will bring up some top pages that have a lot of engagement and likes.

Trick #2

Post Planner https://www.postplanner.com/

I sometimes use Post Planner to schedule and post to Facebook. You do have to pay for this service but it’s well worth it and I highly recommend it.

It has this great feature where you can search for top trending Facebook content and either repost it or sometimes if it’s a good quote I’ll simply redesign it and post it myself.

As long as you’re not infringing copyright there’s no problem at all doing that. With popular quotes, you’re not because you even know the person posting it didn’t think of the actual quote itself, so as long as you include the original name of the person who said it that’s no problem.

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