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Easily Design Your Perfect Customer Avatar And Know Who You Are Selling To

When you’re paying for ads you need to know who you are selling to so you can effectively laser target your advertising to the right people who are most likely to buy. This is one of the first steps to make sure your advertising brings in a direct profit.

First, before you do anything else you need to spend some time thinking about who your ideal audience is. A great way to do this is to make notes about your perfect customer avatar.

That way while you’re writing your posts you can have that person in mind so you can target them while you’re promoting and posting.

Here are a few questions to answer about your customer avatar to kick start the process.

Q1 How old are they?

Q2 What is their gender?

Q3 What are their challenges and frustrations (think about the problem your products and services solve)

Q5 What books and Magazines do they read?

Q6 What pages do they like on Facebook? (list 10)

Q7 What are their likely objections to becoming a customer?


If you already have heaps of fans on your Facebook page you can get a lot of this information about your avatar from the insights

Here’s how to pull up the required information:

Step 1: Click on the Insights tab at the top of the page. Make sure you’re logging in to be able to see all the info.

Step 2: Click on People on the tabs located on the left-hand side to bring up the required information

By default, it should already bring up the correct tab you need to be on, if not click the “Your Fans” tab.

As you can see from the example you can get a really good idea about who to target.

For the example here the obvious gender would be female. I know this account has run most of its ads nationwide in Australia so a good targeting option for future ads might be specifically targeting the city, Melbourne.


If you want some serious data and you are starting from scratch you can spend some money and run some direct sales ads with broad targeting featuring your best product or service until you get a reasonable amount of sales, 10-20, less if it’s a high ticket item.

The idea here is to target broad without worrying too much because you can analyse the data. Drill down geographically if you can’t sell outside your country.

Now you’re going to spend way more on advertising than you make on sales but you will have some data that is worth pure gold and Facebook is really good at letting you analyse it so you can see how to target your future ads.

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