Sales Funnel Wealth Building Magic

The Astonishing Wealth-Building Magic Of Digital Sales Funnels

If you’re a business owner but you’ve struggled with online sales, chances are it’s a sales funnel problem. You see, with a good sale funnel you can go to the “traffic shop” and convert as much of it as you like into as many sales as you can handle. And in any industry selling anything that people want to buy.

So where is the traffic shop? Here are some quick directions.

The Big Four





And that’s it. Before you focus on anything else you need to master one of these first, preferably two.

Google has the biggest platform with Google Search, Google Shopping, YouTube, Google Display Network with a couple more.

Facebook own Instagram and both use the same Facebook ad platform

Pinterest is a little beauty with high-quality traffic but not a lot of volume.

It can be easy to blame our problems on bad traffic but that one of the biggest misconceptions. When we struggle with digital advertising it’s easy to blame our problems on traffic. How many times have you tried a channel, say facebook advertising and thought to yourself:

“It’s too expensive”

“I tried it and it doesn’t work”

Sound familiar? Not only do I hear that all the time. I’ve been there, it almost ruined me. When you have bad sales funnel no amount of traffic you can afford to buy is going to convert.

Without the mythical fountain of never-ending free traffic, if you have a bad funnel that doesn’t convert then you’re pouring all of your digital marketing dollars down the proverbial toilet.

Trust me I have been there. I’ve been there when I should have known better. It can be too easy to fall into the negative mindset and without a little guidance—it’s a short way down. Frustration on steroids!

Without a great funnel that converts no amount of traffic you throw at it will make you a profit. Nothing you try, none of the traffic you buy at the traffic shop is going to work, not Facebook, not google, not native ads—nothing. You don’t have a traffic problem, you have a funnel problem.

Luckily, you only need one solid sales funnel to power your whole digital marketing strategy and completely transform your business.

What Is a Sales Funnel

If you’re in business you already have one you just might not be thinking of it as a funnel. It’s simple really, a sales funnel is the process your customer goes through from finding out about your company to then making a sale.

It’s the same principle offline.

Imagine this old school approach:

A mechanic, let’s call him Bob, has just started a business to fix cars in the local area.

He runs some ads in the yellow pages.

People find out about his company and some people need his services so they contact him with the phone number provided.

He answers the phone and books them in.

The car is fixed and he is paid in full with cash.

The customer read his ad, visited his shop and made a purchase.

That’s a sales funnel.

And it might work great for a while but Bob has a problem. Bill has just opened another business offering the exact same services just down the road. Now Bob is losing money on his advertising costs and can’t afford to stay in business for long unless something changes.

Then somebody like me comes along and says:

“Hey Bob I know nothing about cars, but I do know something really simple you could do in your sales process to increase the amount of money you make.”

Then I proceed to tell Bob that if he offers each customer who comes through the door a 50% discount to straighten their tires, he would increase the order value of each customer and it might make him profitable again.

I also tell Bob that when he takes their details he should put them in a database so he can send them a letter from time to time to keep him at the front of their minds and he’ll be sure to get more repeat business.

A funnel is no different with digital marketing, you just need somebody to build the right system for you using the best technology and test it with traffic to perfect it. There’s a science behind it.

The goal is to design a funnel so that the cost of advertising is less than the cost per sale.

The Basic Sales Funnel


There’s a lot to think about from headlines, sales pages, guarantees, lead magnets, email marketing, facebook ads—there’s a lot of different types of funnels that work for different businesses so let me break down the basic funnel for you.

Top of Funnel Content

Facebook Ads, Blog Posts, Video Ads, Lead Page, Lead Magnet

Middle of Funnel Content

Sales Page, Email Campaigns, Re-Targeting Ads

Bottom of Funnel Content

Checkout, Upsells, Email Post Purchase

There’s No Guesswork At All

In fact, the whole concept of perfecting sales funnels is so advanced now that designing and building one isn’t very difficult. The implementation is easy. I couldn’t build you a top class marketing funnel with my eyes closed, just about.

The difficulty is making it profitable and optimising the funnel and this can take a little time and a lot of testing but thankfully there is no guesswork because with professional sales funnel built for success you can track absolutely everything to give you the data needed to make the very best optimisation decisions.

For example, it may be you are getting cheap leads so you have people willing to share their email address. They get all the way to your sales page and stop! You have a terrible conversion rate and it means you’re losing money on your ads.

Knowing that and testing where they fall down means we can change things and optimise your sales page and offer to increase conversions, taking the guesswork out of the equation. Getting towards a profitable funnel is just a matter of time.

Never Ending Money Making Machine—On Autopilot

This is the best part and the most satisfying because once you get there you have mastered digital marketing and you are now on easy street. The hard work is done and out the way. All that stress and worry about pouring your digital marketing dollars down the toilet are gone.

Now the fun part begins where you build on what you have just achieved.

When you have a rockstar funnel your whole business can grow very quickly as you add new marketing channels to the top and optimise the funnel even further.

Think of it like mining for gold. First, you scrape up all the gold that’s laying on the surface and in river beds. This is the cheap traffic and unreliable traffic everybody can afford, but there’s little of it to go around.

Then as your technology gets better and your funnel improves you can now liberate a whole vein of gold that was out of reach before because you just didn’t have the technology—or a profitable funnel. You can buy more expensive traffic like Google Adwords that has never ending supplies of traffic.

Your competition can’t mine the same gold with the same profit because they don’t have the same technology or funnel as you do. They might still try at a loss but they will never dominate.

The person who can spend the most amount of money on advertising while still making a profit wins.

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