Real Estate Facebook Marketing Strategy

Simple And Highly Effective Real Estate Facebook Marketing Strategy


Why not change your cover design regularly to engage your users with your new properties?

How effectively is Facebook working for you right now? Realtors, like anyone in business, suffer from some of the same exact barriers holding us all back. One of the main ones with Facebook is giving up too early if you don’t see immediate results.

Or what can be just as frustrating is following a bad strategy consistently. This is true in the Real Estate industry like any other. Maybe, you’ve been told it works and you’re a highly motivated person who doesn’t like giving up but you’re simply not seeing results.

If you give up too early I don’t blame you, there’s value in focussing your limited resources on the things that are working. But, either way, the problem isn’t Facebook. If you know how to do it right and follow the correct strategy you can seriously win in the real estate business on Facebook.

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I’ll assume you know the basics, if not you can download the free guide.

So here’s a quick and easy Real Estate Facebook marketing strategy you can take away and implement today.


Ongoing campaign to build your audience

This is a campaign that you want to run consistently every week all year round. Even if it’s just $5 a day to start with. Some amount you’re comfortable with and can afford.


Start small and scale slowly. Scaling too quickly can confuse Facebook and increase your CPC.

Ads To Run

For this part of the strategy, you can boost posts to your audience. These can be blog posts, videos or even some ads to a lead magnet if you intend on building an email list.

To find out more about lead magnets I recommend these two articles I’ve written:

  1. What Is a Lead Magnet? With Examples
  2. How to Implement Your Own Lead Magnet

But to get started and this will work just fine you can simply boost your posts to content you have on your website.

The Purpose of These Ads

You are running these to build an audience, both on Facebook and outside of Facebook if you can. These ads are going to do the following for you:

  1. Increase your likes and followers
  2. Increase your email list if you have a lead magnet
  3. Build your Facebook lists or custom audiences
  4. Boost your organic search results (SEO) with social signals. You just need to make sure you’ve implemented your onsite SEO as a bare minimum if you’re sending people to blog posts.

To find out more about on page SEO you can visit the masters over at MOZ who give a great definition about on page SEO with plenty of other articles you can read.

Facebook lists are the most important goal here. You can build lists, or custom audiences, inside Facebook in the following ways:

  • Website visitors (people who click through).
  • Engagement (likes, comments, shares) and video views.
  • You can also make lookalike audiences from these people to increase your facebook lists.


I’ve pulled some examples from a Real Estate facebook page that are doing really well posting content and videos.

Facebook Real Estate Example 1

Here you can see the post is going to their blog site and it’s getting some traction with shares. In our strategy, we would boost this post.

Here’s another one. Their blog would be a great place to start doing some research for your own articles. We can even see which ones get shared the most from their Facebook feed.

Facebook Real Estate Example 2

Here’s a video post so you can see why these can be very powerful:

Facebook Real Estate Example 3

Just look at the views! Now compare those to the number of shares. It’s getting about the same amount of shares as a blog post, which goes towards your Facebook list. But the views are outstanding in comparison building a much bigger Facebook list. They’ve got the idea.

The whole point here is to build an audience we can market to later and we do that with Facebook custom audiences and boosting posts.


Run Ads To Your Audience

Now that you have an audience every time you get a new listing, the next hot property, you run these as link ads or videos to your audience.

In Part 1 we’re also segmenting you whole audience inside Facebook. So we have one audience for blog page views, one for video, views, another for shares, like and comments. And we can see which ones perform the best.

It’s also important to keep Part 1 running continuously because the bigger your audience becomes the more effective Part 2 is going to be. Over time your results will increase further.

Type of Ads To Run

This depends on what you’re offering. And like always test everything that makes sense first. Take First National based in QLD, Australia for example:

First National Facebook Real Estate Example

Here, they are using an invent ad with an interested button to promote homes for inspection. Imagine how much more interested people they would have by implementing Part 1 first and boosting it to specific audiences who have shown an interest prior and know your brand.

The key is to keep testing.

I hope this helps. What do you think? Leave a comment

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