8 Top Marketing Sales Funnel Mistakes

8 Top Marketing Sales Funnel Mistakes 95% of Businesses Make And The Winners Avoid

In case you need more detail first about what a marketing sales funnel is, check this article out.


The better your marketing sales funnel is the more money you can afford to spend on traffic. The person who can afford to spend the most… …WINS! It’s as simple as that.

Ok, let’s dive right in shall we?

1. Not Tracking and analysing data effectively.

This is could be quite possibly the biggest one because it’s what most people don’t do effectively and powers your whole optimisation process. Very few funnels are created perfectly. The vast majority will start off unprofitable at first.

That’s until you optimise every part of it using the data you collect. And the only way to collect the data is to track effectively.

Here are 5 quick tools to get started now and track each step of your marketing sales funnel:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Hot Jar
  3. Thrive Headline Optimizer
  4. Optimizely
  5. Click Meter

2. Failing to clearly direct your prospects through every stage of the marketing sales funnel

Your customers need clear instructions telling them what you want them to do at every step along the way. A good example of this would be on the Thank You page after signing up to a double opt-in list you ask them persuasively to check verify their email address.

If they drop out of your marketing sales funnel then you need to get them back in with as many touch points as you can by sending them emails, text messages, re-marketing even direct mail if you have their address.

For the people who make it to the end of your funnel, you can’t be shy. You need a direct hard sell call to action. You can trust that they want what you are selling and are waiting to hear the final call to action so they can buy.

3. Difficulty understand the key money metrics surrounding your marketing sales funnel

I dig down into specific email marketing metrics and how to work them out in my email marketing guide.

There’s a great Forbes article that is very popular so I’ve included those. You can give that a read for more details.

  1. Total Visits
  2. New Sessions
  3. Channel-Specific Traffic
  4. Bounce Rate
  5. Total Conversions
  6. Lead to Close Ratio
  7. Customer Retention Rate
  8. Customer Value
  9. Cost Per Lead
  10. Projected Return on Investment
  11. Cost Per Sale – Forbes missed this one

4. Not having a well-designed email marketing machine

This is one of the key ways to communicate back to your audience who drop out of your marketing sales funnel to pull them back in. Building your own internal list is also a very important business asset.

Your email machine can be fully automated throughout your whole funnel. So all you need to do is once you’ve set it all up is track it and make changes here and there as more people go through.

You’ll need some good email marketing software. Here are 9 popular ones. I go into a little more detail in my guide to email marketing.

  1. Active Campaign
  2. Get Response
  3. Constant Contact
  4. MailChimp
  5. Infusionsoft
  6. Campaign Monitor
  7. StreamSend
  8. Campaigner
  9. Aweber

I’m doing a full review soon of all of these soon plus even more to give you a full break down. Sign up to my newsletter to get more details.

5. Too many people forget about retargeting or don’t use it effectively

Briefly, these are the ads you run to people who have engaged in some way but not taken action. Typically you see these ads when you land on somebody’s website and then you start to see their ads following you around.

Facebook retargeting is very versatile because you can segment your audiences in many different ways, for example, people who land on specific pages of your website like a product page, people who engage with your ad through likes and shares and also video views.

From there you can make lookalike audiences to target cold traffic who are highly likely to convert. This is a great scaling strategy.

Email is one way we keep pulling people back into your marketing sales funnel if they don’t proceed to the next step. Retargeting is another and most people either aren’t doing it or are not doing it right. This step is very important because you may only get 20% or fewer people opening your emails.

We need to reach as many people as possible who don’t open your emails and having multiple touch points for those people who do open your email. Retargeting is very powerful when you use it correctly at the right times.

Retargeting is one of the most important steps and you should be using differently at every step along the funnel.

6. Chickening out on the perfect offer for the end of your marketing sales funnel

Every funnel needs a really good offer that is right for your market. You’ve done all this work and paid for all these ads and the last thing you want is bad conversions at the last step. You can have the greatest call to action in the world but if you have a bad offer you’ll have bad conversions.

One great example I love going back to is the Global Video guarantee. It was a video rental company in the UK and for obvious reasons, it doesn’t exist anymore but at the time while rentals were still big it was taking huge market share from Blockbusters with this guaranteed offer.

“Get it the first time or get it free, that’s the Global guarantee”

Perfect for the industry because that was the biggest pain point after you’d taken the time and walked with excited anticipation to the rental store only to find out all the videos had been rented.

It’s like the Domino’s guarantee offer when they gave you a free pizza if it took more than 30min to deliver—another successful guarantee offer. That grew their whole company in spite of huge competitors at the time.

You need something similar. Is it a buy one get one free? A free trial (very popular in the SaaS industry). Free mystery gift worth $XX? Or how about a 30% one-time-only discount in 3 easy payment instalments?

7. Don’t give up too quickly

Too many times I heard people tell me they’re tried this or tried that and it didn’t work. They’ll tell me Facebook just isn’t for them.

We’ll I’m here to tell all the naysayers that you don’t have a traffic problem you have a funnel problem. And maybe you’re not running the ads right but even if you are without a good funnel it has no chance of working.

The trick is to just not give up. Keep optimising and running ads until you hit a positive ROI and then scale.

Remember, most new campaigns don’t work straight away. It takes time to get the data you need and use it change things in your marketing sales funnel that will get better results.

Don’t spend big until you know your campaign is running at a positive ROI. And then scale slowly. If you scale too quickly you run the risk of a high PPC. But by all means the second you do, scale.

8. Failing to follow up with your customers post-sale

An often overlooked part of your marketing sales funnel and in some cases the most profitable so never miss this out. It’s easy not to put so much effort into the bottom of the funnel and post sale because there’s a lot of work to do and it’s tempting to cut corners.

You’ve successfully got a new customer to your main offer and must put extra effort into making them feel great about their decision to keep them coming back for more. Here you can go the extra mile.

Here are 5 things you can do:

Offer one-click upsells where they just need to click a button to make the extra purchase.

Add a profit maximiser to the end of the funnel. This is a high ticket item much more expensive than anything else you sell by a long way! For example, Starbucks have been known to sell full coffee machines in-store. That’s a profit maximiser.

Keep your customers informed about delivery if it’s a physical product.

Get their feedback after they receive the product and enquire if everything is ok.

Keep sending them emails and further offers. You can find out on average when they are most likely to re-order and touch base at that time via email.

This is also where your offer upsells and cross-sells and if you’re breaking even after the initial sale this will literally be all your profit.

If you don’t keep them informed and keep sending emails they will get the impression you just wanted their money.

I had this problem a while back in the anti-aging skin care niche. We started getting complaints with customers telling us how they felt and it wasn’t good. They loved the product and got caught up in all the hype but the second they ordered they got radio silence and felt ripped off.

This was in my learning days and my thinking at the time was I didn’t want to push too hard so they get sick of the company constantly emailing them. But that’s not true for most people. You must follow through.

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