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New Report Shows Personal Updates Still Declining on Facebook, but Engagement Rising

In April last year, a report published by The Information highlighted a rising problem at Facebook – people weren’t sharing as many personal updates as they used to. Data obtained by The Information suggested the sharing of personal posts – people’s own thoughts and photos – declined by 21% between mid-2014 and mid-2015, which inspired […]

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3 Ways to Optimize Your Video Advertising Strategy on Facebook

Finally! You can now make real money using Facebook videos. This mega-platform is clearly taking video seriously as an advertising resource — as it should. Historically, Facebook videos have been free of advertisements; but then came last year’s announcement that pre-roll ads would play before videos within Facebook’s Audience Network. And that started brands exploring […]

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Step By Step Guide To Creating Your First Profitable Facebook Ads

Here’s how you can start creating your first profitable Facebook ads Before you get started down the road to profitable Facebook ads, it’s great to have a good Facebook ads guide you can refer to as you create your first ads. I’ve tried to make this much better than the guide Facebook have done so hopefully, […]

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Definitive Guide To All The Different Facebook Ad Objectives

Facebook is the best advertising platform out there, even better than Google AdWords for targeting. It has a very clever algorithm that segments their users not just based on the data we provide them but also user behaviour. This can mean it’s slightly daunting when you’re creating ads because of all the different options you […]

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