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Vicki Profile

“Dan helped develop and grow SKN Complex to a list of 100k Australian female consumers in two short years and consistently made us more than 10x the ad spend in sales resulting in over $3 Million revenue in that time.”

Vicki Law, Founder SKN Complex

Client Success

We worked with a client in the US where we discovered this amazing strategy that is getting awesome results and we would like to bring it back to Australia to benefit Australian Realtors.

While we were working on behalf of a top US agency from our base on the Sunshine Coast we worked with some amazing experts and helped develop this system further.

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Powerful Facebook Ads

We use hyper targeted Facebook ads to reach out to a cold audience of potential leads. There's some really cool ways to target and not simply using Facebook's own targeting options, although we do that as well.

There's some really clever ways to scrape email data from just the type of people who are likely wanting to sell homes quickly and we can target those people direct and create lookalike audiences to target people just like them.

Buyer Leads

Facebook Ad Preview 1

Seller Leads

Facebook Ad Preview 2

Cheap Leads That Convert

In this one Facebook campaign we managed to get an overall cost per lead of just $2.55 - with one Ad Set coming in at just $1.32

Facebook Ad Results

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We Have Been Trusted With Huge Ad Accounts

Facebook Ad Spend

Regular LEADS Sent Instantly

Your leads are sent instantly to you via email and text message using our Automation system. This same system can also manage your sales team and automate your lead flow.

Active Campaign Sequence
Email Leads

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Your Custom Built Sales Funnel

Taking things to the next level—we have a great funnel for qualifying leads even further so you can save time and only focus on the ones that count.

Custom Built Sales Funnel

6 Months of Automated Emails

Over 30 Emails Long! Includes ALL The Custom Written Articles for Your Blog

Nurture Email Campaign

Quite often leads won't be in the right position to act straight away. When they are, you want them to think about you first. We've designed a great email sequence with VALUE content they will love to consume. 

This is based all the most popular and shareable content so we know it's relevant to a wide range of people. 

This means opens rates are fantastic, especially sharing the content to your Facebook messenger list (Which we help build).

The second your leads are in a position to go full steam ahead they are now far more likely to contact you and not somebody else. 

Brand Experience

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