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Step By Step Guide To Creating Your First Profitable Facebook Ads

Here’s how you can start creating your first profitable Facebook ads Before you get started down the road to profitable Facebook ads, it’s great to have a good Facebook ads guide you can refer to as you create your first ads. I’ve tried to make this much better than the guide Facebook have done so hopefully, […]

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Definitive Guide To All The Different Facebook Ad Objectives

Facebook is the best advertising platform out there, even better than Google AdWords for targeting. It has a very clever algorithm that segments their users not just based on the data we provide them but also user behaviour. This can mean it’s slightly daunting when you’re creating ads because of all the different options you […]

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Why Email Marketing Powers Your Facebook Results

Imagine this, you’ve been growing a Facebook page and getting some good engagement and your fans have started to grow, you’re excited right? This is what spurs us on and dare I say can make Facebook marketing slightly addictive. Maybe you’re even running some ads to help boost your results but you’re getting frustrated because […]

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Writing the Best Facebook About Section Optimised for Growth

You’ll find the about section under profile picture on the far left-hand side directly under the Home tab. The about sections shows up differently depending on what category you chose when setting up your page so this is very important. For example, as well having Page Info and Milestones you can have an extra part […]

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Why Your Facebook Page Username Matters And How To Choose A Good One

This is where you can change your page username Or if you’re using Facebook business manager you can navigate to your page using the business manager and as you’ll see there’s a little option below your page name to change your username. If you don’t see this it maybe that you aren’t yet able […]

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