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SKN Complex Feature

SKN Complex Skin Care

Full Service

This is a brand I own and build from scratch from the ground up about 7 years ago on a shoestring budget. It was my first venture away from client work because I really wanted a playground where I could test all my ideas without risking client money and have a bitmore freedom.


Beautiful website design and development. This is a full website with a blog and ecommerce store using woocommerce connected to Infusionsoft for payment processing.

Email Marketing

I implemented a full email marketing machine with multiple offers and lead magnets with dozens of campaigns and complex automation and segmentation sequences.

I managed to build a list close to 100k of Australian female consumers in the process. I used Infusionsoft for all the email marketing, list building and order processing.

Facebook Pay-Per-Click

Facebook PPC ads were my main traffic source for new leads and sales. I created some very effective custom audiences from my customer lists and ran very successful ads to cold traffic for years. At the high point I was spending in excess of $30k per month on Facebook ads.

Sales Funnel

The sales funnel was centered around a free trial and went something like this.

Lead capture page → Sales Page with address form → Order Page → Upsell Page 1 → Upsell Page 2 → Thank You Page.

Underneath the funnel were several robust email marketing campaigns and retargeting campaigns designed to bring people back in to the funnel who fell out. I also ran multiple customer retention and repeat buyer sequences.

My Global ID Feature

My Global ID

Website & Email Marketing


My Global ID needed a website with a home page that also acted like a mini sales page to boost their marketing strategy on the ground and collect leads from people who decided to check out the website for more information.

After problems with a designer for the logo I was able to quickly come up with the logo design and branding myself. Normally I would get assistance from a designer but in this instance to save time I took on the challange. 

I always only ever use the best marketing themes that can handle precisely this type of work and implement timers, exit intent forms and a whole bag of other marketing tools to draw from.

Email Marketing

To keep costs down at the beginning I created a limited free account with mailchimp to handle the welcome message and broadcast emails.

Nude By Nature Feature

Nude By Nature

Full Service

Now one of the top mineral makeup brands in Australia I was lucky enough to work as a consultant for Nude By Nature for 2 years designing and implementing their digital marketing strategy to complement their offline marketing efforts through television commercials and print.

My old boss was to go on and sell this company for $42M. I like to think I had a small part in that success.​


The Website has been updated since and the company has changed owners so I had no hand in the current website but I did design and develop the first websites and sales pages which worked very well for the marketing strategy we were following at the time.

Email Marketing

To backup their traditional marketing efforts Nude By Nature had a call center dedicated to sales. It was my task to implement a powerful email marketing campaign that could sell to all their leads gathered from online marketing and resell to customers who came through the call center.

Google Adwords

To drive traffic and generate leads online I used Google Adwords with amazing success. I was able to generate cheap leads that converted and drove an estimated $4M per year in revenue. This was my first profitable high spend PPC campaign.

Sales Funnel

The sales funnel was faily simple with just a lead capture page and a thank you page, although they did go through many variations. The leads were converted into sales and processed via the call center. 

Naked Tan



I helped Naked Tan with various online surveys and general marketing advice regarding their website and online lead generation.

Naked Tan are the oringinal 2hr rapid tan in Australia

Detox Tea Facebook

The Detox Tea Company

Full Service

Email Marketing

I was able to build a list of 10k Australian female consumers, primed for email marketing within a couple of months. I did this predominantly via Facebook PPC ads to cold traffic while making direct sales with a 500% ROI.

Facebook Pay-Per-Click

Once again I was able to harness the power of paid facebook advertising to drive a lot of traffic to my offer where I collected leads and made sales. I was also able to grow 2600 facebook page likes in this time simply by running ads. One technique I used using Facebook was to run a large sweepstakes competition with a $500 cash prize and a lot of product.

Sales Funnel

The sales funnel was very similar to SKN Complex and centered around a free trial:

Lead capture page → Sales Page with address form → Order Page → Upsell Page 1 → Upsell Page 2 → Thank You Page.

The funnel was build using Thrive Themes and Thrive plugins and Infusionsoft to power the email marketing and automation.